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Application Engineer

Brisbane, CA
United States

Exa Corporation seeks an Application Engineer in Brisbane, CA.


Perform, summarize and report literature surveys to understand application requirements and identify relevant test cases (academic and industrial). Perform validation engineering tasks including setting up simulation cases, managing runs and output data, processing and analyzing results, writing up analyses, and preparing presentations about the results and work performed. Contribute to the development of simulation-based solutions that solve real problems important to industry customers. Identify the underlying physical mechanism for an application (Relative permeability). Identify dimensionless numbers to allow proper modelling of above mentioned physics. Characterization of dependencies of both, spatial length scales and time scales. Suggestion and independent execution of test cases which lead to an improvement of accuracy for Exa's main multiphase flow application, the relative permeability. Work on projects to demonstrate and deploy multiphase flow applications to customers. Interact with the Physics and Software Teams for the development and testing of new capabilities, prototypes, and new or enhanced product functionality. Be a member of a cohesive and highly collaborative group with a startup atmosphere and a clear mission to develop, market, and deploy industry-leading technology products and services.


Requires Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field. Requires knowledge of the following as gained through any amount of previous work experience or doctoral-level coursework: development of multiphase flow based modeling applications; application, deployment and development of CFD methodology and processes through the utilization and scripting of one or more oriented programming language (Python, C, C++); data analysis, statistical analysis and multi-dimensional data visualization for multiphase flow application.


Must also have authority to work permanently in the U.S. Applicants who are interested in this position may apply at (ref # 56219) for consideration.