VIDEO: Experience an Off-Highway Equipment Thermal Management Simulation

Managing thermal soak - when vehicle temperature peaks just after shut-down - is critical to every vehicle's design, from passenger cars and trucks to high-performance off-highway machines. Physical testing for this critical event has its limitations: prototyping is costly, time-consuming, and happens late in the product's lifecycle when it may be too late to efficiently introduce changes. 

That's where simulation comes in: helping engineers visualize events like thermal soak and how they impact the safety and performance of vehicle components. In this example of a thermal key-off and soak simulation applied to a Zaxis 200 excavator manufactured by Hitachi Construction Machinery, see how simulation can help engineers visualize and analyze their designs for: 

  • Temperature gradients during both operation and thermal soak conditions
  • Fluid velocity and temperature variation
  • Temperature evolving over time, and
  • Fluid flow during heat dissipation



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