VIDEO: Thermal Key-Off and Soak Simulation

The ability to reduce risks introduced by peak thermal events can help manufacturers significantly lower warranty costs. But you have to understand those risks first: like thermal soak - a condition at vehicle shut-down when cooling airflow stops and residual engine heat remains. 

Transient thermal soak happens gradually - so its analysis must identify potential sources of risk and design solutions as conditions evolve over time - something physical testing just can't do. Plus, waiting for the expensive prototype phase burdens late-stage development with design rework -  when it's the most costly and the least efficient.

Digital simulation changes all that. In this video introduction to thermal key off and soak analysis with The SIMULIA PowerFLOW suite, see how simulating real-world behavior can help engineers visualize and reduce risks early in the product's lifecycle, when changes are easier and more cost-effective, so your vehicle design will be ready when the real world arrives. 


Thermal Key-Off & Soak

VIDEO: Thermal Key-Off and Soak Simulation

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