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Senior Engineer

Burlington, MA
United States

Exa Corporation seeks Senior Engineer in Burlington, MA.

Duties: Responsible for aerodynamics validation studies that compare turbulent fluid flow simulation results over different ground transportation models to experimental tests and other numerical results with a particular focus on external aerodynamics and particle/liquid-film modeling that has applications in water and dirt management over wind shields, side-glasses and mirrors, head lamps and driver visibility aids in ground vehicles. Tests existing products as well as early prototypes of new products by setting up fluid simulation cases, running the cases, collecting and analyzing results, carrying out technical research, writing up analysis, and presenting the results. Plays a key role in new product development, interacting closely with the physics and software development teams to transition product prototypes through all of the development stages into product release. Carefully builds, runs, analyzes and documents cases that test new developments in physics and software, and benchmarks the results against known quantities Develops analytical and numerical solutions for canonical cases to validate the particle/liquid-film modeling results. Acts as a liaison between customers, physics, software, and management teams to arrive at meaningful physical solutions for issues involving both product and code development. Analyzes and diagnoses issues related to physics models, software implementation, and usage for a wide range of physical cases involving academic and industrial flows and report on the results. Maintains, refines and augments the Aerodynamics and Multiphase Flow Validation database for academic and industrial problems.

Requires Doctorate Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related field. Knowledge of the following, all gained through previous work experience or university doctoral-level coursework: fluid mechanics, partial differential equations (PDEs) and numerical methods; computational fluid dynamics; traditional NavierStokes or LatticeBoltzmann based CFD methods; familiarity with UNIX/Linux.

Must also have authority to work permanently in the U.S. Applicants who are interested in this position may apply, Ref # 62451.