Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles Webinar

Event Date:
Thu, 04/26/2018
Burlington, MA

Vehicle cost, range, and durability have historically slowed the widespread adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles. And they all rely on thermal management of the battery and related systems to keep them in an ideal temperature range when both driving and charging. The long times spent charging means that these components must last much longer than on a conventional gas vehicle.

In the next webinar in our EV series, Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles, learn how Exa’s PowerFLOW solution improves thermal management for batteries and related systems. Simulation-driven design with Exa can help EV and HEV development teams:

  • Predict component, system, and full-vehicle performance under real-world conditions;
  • Meet performance requirements for batteries and related systems before the prototype phase; and
  • Support early, frequent design iterations to improve battery technology, packaging, and layout.

Join our webinar on Thursday, April 26 at 10 AM EST to learn how!