Exhaust Noise

Exhaust Noise


Noise mitigation is central to vehicle safety, comfort, and compliance – which is why automotive engineers must find and control not just engine noise but noise from as many sources as possible. Loud exhaust systems, with their finely detailed geometry and complex airflow patterns, are a common culprit. But loud car exhaust usually isn’t detected until prototype testing, when it may be too late to efficiently identify the source and correct the problem.

Digital aeroacoustics simulation with the SIMULIA PowerFLOW suite lets you visualize transient flow throughout complex 3D geometry to improve the mitigation of noise pollution, reduce exhaust noise inside cars, and meet exhaust regulations. Find and correct the sources of unwanted sounds in noisy car exhaust systems by hearing vehicle noise before a physical prototype is built. Try out design changes to find the best solution, faster –  long before prototype testing begins -- and ensure vehicle development meets its timeline, budget, and noise targets. 

Quantify and rank noise-generating regions through simulation
Evaluate the impact of sound-absorbing materials
Study the experience for drivers and passengers

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