Vehicle Climate System Design

Vehicle Climate System Design

Changes ahead: Can your climate system adapt?

Evolving car and truck designs and consumer demands have necessitated the evolution of vehicle climate control systems. Electric vehicle technology and other advancements require climate systems to help keep batteries and high-tech systems at ideal temperatures without becoming a drag on energy consumption.

But how has climate system design kept up? Prototypes tested late in development don’t allow for the cost-effective, integrated, and timely solutions that today’s market demands. Only digital simulation with SIMULIA PowerFLOW® and SIMULIA PowerTHERM® can help engineers measure temperature anywhere throughout the cabin, study the energy impact of HVAC design decisions, evaluate complex thermal transients, and even visualize the temperature effects on human comfort – all before a prototype is ever produced. 

Early HVAC system simulation ensures integrated changes as design evolves
Apply real-world conditions like long thermal soaks to 3D geometry
Maximize passenger comfort while minimizing energy consumption, to improve vehicle range

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