Engineering & Design Collaboration with Realistic Visualization

SIMULIA PowerREALITY helps companies communicate results in a new way - providing accurate, realistic visualization of engineering results long before a physical model or design prototype is even built

Successful product design collaboration relies on clear and efficient communication. Often, even the most innovative engineering companies struggle with this, frequently resulting in miscommunication of ideas/solutions from team to team and office to office. In the end, a sub-optimal product is often designed — disappointing consumers and manufactures alike. 

In the automotive industry, for example, collaboration between engineers and designers is critical as they try to balance regulatory requirements with design aesthetic expectations into an efficient, appealing vehicle. This balance is not easily found and absolutely requires multi-department meetings to do thorough evaluations of results and options for further improvement.

Enhancing Team Collaboration to Blend Aesthetics and Science

Designing vehicles that are aesthetically appealing and aerodynamically efficient is extremely challenging and requires design and engineering teams to collaborate throughout the product development process to find a design without compromise.

With SIMULIA PowerREALITYTM, photo-realistic engineering and design communication of SIMULIA PowerFLOW® results is now possible, enabling clear and efficient communication of results early in the design process — producing a superior product.


PowerREALITY provides engineers and designers a tool that allows them the ability to communicate realistic engineering designs to a wider audience


Uses for Visual Realism

The need for realistic communication of results spans many departments and has value for those in various corporate roles within an organization, including:

Efficient communication
to the top
Improve internal team/team collaboration
Present your engineering results with photo realism

Compelling presentations with polish, helps executive management better understand engineering
issues and value


Visually illustrate design/engineering
trade-offs and options
using PowerREALITY
to improve team collaboration that
results in better products


you can present with attention grabbing
graphics and animations to keep your audience


Promote your team and department's efforts
Promote your products and services

Internally showcase
your engineering department’s
capabilities using compelling visual communication of


excellence using
your accurate
engineering data
with photo realistic
results through PowerREALITY

For more information or to see our simulation software in action, visit the Resource library to watch recent demos and interviews with our experts.