Easy and Versatile 3D Visualization Analysis of SIMULIA PowerFLOW Simulation Results

SIMULIA PowerVIZ® is the high-performance 3D visualization solution for SIMULIA PowerFLOW® measurements and SIMULIA PowerACOUSTICS® spectral analysis results. Perform fast 3D visualizations of large transient data sets with the ability to easily combine several powerful visualization techniques and options to interactively examine results in 3D or automatically generate complete analyses with SIMULIA PowerINSIGHT® allowing you to extract minimum value from your simulation data. 

PowerFLOW's unique ability to perform transient simulations on highly detailed geometry produces a wealth of highly detailed transient measurements. Powerful and sophisticated analysis techniques are required to analyze the results, understand the nature of the fluid flow, identify the impact on vehicle performance and thus gain the most value from the simulation. PowerVIZ provides a wide array of such techniques, including volume visualization, stereo viewer support, particle tracking, animations, quantitative analysis and the ability to export a visualization scene to photo-realistic rendering solutions like RTT's DeltaGen®. And of course, all of the standard visualization techniques expected in a modern fluids analysis tool are also available: fluid slices, isosurfaces and surface contours, fluid and surface plots and many others.

Spin this image with your mouse to see some of the realistic rendering options now available with SIMULIA PowerVIZ

PowerVIZ 3D Visualization Analysis 360 view


Super High-Performance

PowerVIZ is acknowledged by our customers as: easy-to-use with its interactive and intuitive user interface; high-performance on even the largest data sets; and very flexible with dozens of analysis techniques for nearly any need

Deep Product Performance Insight

PowerVIZ's best-in-class visualization techniques allow transient flow details to be identified, studied and communicated like never before

Realistic Communication of Results

Stereo viewing, real-time volume visualization, photo-realistic rendering and animations of transient effects enable clear and powerful communication of simulation results

Accurate Quantitative Analysis

Compute specific, meaningful quantities such as net force and mass flux or show detailed images to illustrate complex flow features. PowerVIZ has built-in features to compute specific, meaningful quantities such as force and torque acting on a body, mass flux or the ability to integrate any quantity in the fluid or on the surface

Soiling and Water Management

With the optional Soiling Module, particle motion, surface bounce and hit points are easily studied


PowerINSIGHT to standardize and automate production of PowerVIZ content, saving the analyst valuable time


Fluid Measurement Visualization

  • Axis-aligned and freely movable slice planes with contours, flooded contours, 2D streamlines and vector display options
  • Isosurfaces, optionally colored by fluid property values
  • Vortex region and core detection
  • Measure flux through arbitrarily complex openings
  • Locate property extremes in flow field
  • 3D streamlines with line, ribbon, 3D arrow and animated 3D arrow options
  • Volumetric integration
  • User-defined variables using a full-featured equations language

Surface Measurement Visualization

  • Surface contours
  • Surface streamlines
  • Integration and averaging over surfaces and parts
  • Graphs of surface property values
  • User-defined variables using a full-featured equations language

Quantitative Analysis

  • Force development graphs
  • Torque and lift coefficient calculations
  • Time graphs of nearly any surface or fluid property
  • Graphs of a property along an arbitrary line

Soiling and Water Management (with the optional Soiling Module)

  • Arbitrary particle emission rakes
  • Tracing particles with or without mass
  • Takes into account gravitation, fluid drag and near-surface effects
  • Particle-surface bounce, stick and re-entrainment
  • Measures surface hit points and accumulation density


  • Key frame animation to create sophisticated movies
  • Can include streamlines, particle traces and hit points

Real-Time Volume Visualization and Animation

Volume visualization is a technique for directly displaying and manipulating a 3D scalar field in real-time; users may choose either direct volume rendering or volume-based isosurface rendering. PowerVIZ exploits the massive floating-point capabilities of modern graphics processors (GPUs) to perform real-time volume visualization — impractical on conventional CPU systems, as it is too compute-intensive.

PHOTO-realistic Rendering

Nearly all PowerVIZ visualization techniques can be exported as VRML and imported into photo-realistic rendering packages, such as DeltaGen, providing a life-like image of the vehicle with overlaid simulation results

Stereo Viewing

View PowerVIZ data in 3D stereo; with the proper graphics hardware and glasses, your PowerFLOW simulation data is easy to communicate

Comparative Analysis

Apply identical visualization technique to multiple measurement data sets simultaneously. PowerVIZ synchronizes the views as you manipulate the models in 3D to make comparison of results easy

For more information or to see our simulation software in action, visit the Resource Librry to watch recent demos and interviews with our experts.